The hotel where sea and mountains meet

Manshausen is a small Norwegian island in the Arctic circle that polar explorator Borge Ousland fell in love with. He decided to start a resort out of it to share with people the arctic way of life: rough and generous, inspiring and challenging. With a handful design and environmental-friendly cabins, Manshausen is the perfect retreat for a vivid shot of polar nature. A second mission for us with Borge Ousland, a second thrilling one: creating the Manshausen brand identity. How to create an inspiring and attractive resort brand identity while encapsulating the place’s wilderness and authenticity?

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A story of reflection

The sea mirroring the surrounding mountains, but also the reflection of oneself that is revealed in a remote and demanding place such as Manshausen. The symbol and typeface are driven by sharpness and simplicity, elegance and performance.

A guiding compass

The logo can also be read as a compass, the very symbol for the North Pole. It gives a challenging dimension to the resort brand identity: at Manshausen, exploration is not an option… take a kayak, skis or a wetsuit and get around !