Enjoy the surface!

Brand owner Phillipe Masseau asked us to accompany him in its new project : creating a media brand dedicated to outdoor inspiration. But unlike many in this category, the aim is not to promote the unaccessible. It’s credo : come as you are. No need to be an expert to enjoy outdoor sports, just dare it. The Arpenters is meant to be the right place for anyone seeking good advice and a bit of inspiration, from beginners to experimented. In the longer-term, the brand will also developp as equipment & trips provider.

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The word “arpent” refers to an ancient French and British surface unit. Therefore, The Arpenters, are those who dare to take advantage of any surface – mountain, sea, snow – to enjoy the thrill of the outdoor.


A sharp typeface inspired from the litterature univers to embody the reason to be of the brand: telling stories of the outdoor. The A initial becomes the brand icon, poetic and strong.


We accompany The Arpenters in finding the right people, projects and topics to nourrish stories.