Cenitz Studio
Capsule N°06

Borge Ousland

Once described by National Geographic as ‘the most accomplished polar explorer alive’, Norwegian Børge Ousland was the first person to cross Antarctica solo. Having traversed through some of the most difficult conditions on Earth, Børge proves that it is possible to achieve the “impossible”. Børge teamed up with Mike Horn in 2006, to become the first to reach the North Pole unsupported during the darkness of winter – one of the most technically difficult expeditions ever accomplished.

What is the vision (the common thread, founding concept or main objective) that you pursue through your work?

My vision is to encapsulate the marvels of nature, illuminate the resilience of humanity, and serve as an exemplar of inspiration.

What cultural or historical roots, or what other disciplines or areas of society do you think have most influenced your profession?

I draw inspiration from the great explorers who have preceded me, standing on their shoulders as they paved the way.

What are the main changes you have observed in your profession over time and the challenges that could arise in the coming decades? How do they reflect societal and technological transformations?

I have observed firsthand the transformation of the ice at the North Pole over my lifetime. The Arctic serves as an initial warning, yet the impact will extend beyond its borders. Climate change poses the most significant threat to humanity in the upcoming decades, and immediate action is imperative.

Is there a book, movie or piece of art you think perfectly captures the essence or dilemmas of your profession?

We must continually emphasise that there is no "planet B."At the core of our efforts lies the crucial concept of sustainability, —something is either sustainable or it is not. Sir David Attenborough's nature documentaries on BBC skillfully capture the marvels of the world, acting as a poignant reminder of the imminent losses we face.

Imagine you could create a capsule that would travel through the universe and time, what would you like to put in it?

I would fill it with an encyclopaedia of nature and the contemporary world. Only the future will reveal whether we have harnessed the immense challenge that climate change poses, bringing forth the best in us and succeeding as a species—or if we falter and succumb, collapsing alongside the ecosystems.